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Bob Reinstein interviewed by Jonimatti Joutsijärvi – Reinstein, Robert A. (Bob)

Bob Reinsteinin, Suomen johtavan Neljännen tien puuhamiehen ja useiden Gurdjieffin ajatuksiin perehtyvien ryhmien vetäjän haastattelu. Bob puhuu omasta historiastaan Gurdjieff-työn piirissä, työn päämääristä, sen luonteesta ja vaikeudesta sekä muun muassa egosta. Kerrassaan hyvää settiä.

Bob Reinstein interviewed by Jonimatti Joutsijärvi – Reinstein, Robert A. (Bob).

Katkelma haastattelusta:

BR: Well, in ordinary life, we are in our own way. What we call ourselves, our personalities—because there’s more than one—stand in the way of us receiving the more direct higher influences, because we think we ‘are’. We think we are one, and the one we call ‘I’ or in Finnish ‘minä’, is real I, or something close to it. And that prevents us from really being open. We have to get past that. But to do that we first have to see. So the work begins with learning how to see. We never do. We’re not able to do. We have to begin by learning how to see.

JJ: And then come all these tensions, that I can’t bear seeing myself, being like this, acting like that.

BR: And some people, when they begin to see things like that, don’t want to continue. They say: ‘This is too difficult, this is too unpleasant. I’m not ready. I was happier before, when I was sleeping peacefully, now something has disturbed my sleep, my psychological sleep.’

One has to choose whether to go back to the psychological sleep, which is comforting in some ways, although it has many elements of suffering, mechanical suffering, or to go deeper into this other kind of suffering, in order to become transformed, in order to become, ultimately, what we really are, not what we think we are.

So we have to try to see, we have to be willing to see. We have to bear, or suffer, from what we are seeing, and not turn away from it. And not try and analyse it, or judge it or control it, just allow, allow these contradictions to be what they are, to be seen and experienced, in all of our parts, in all of our centres, as Gurdjieff puts it.


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